The architectural firm «act_romegialli» founded in 1996 by Gianmatteo Romegialli, Angela Maria Romegialli, Erika Gaggia van Hardeveld is directly involved in architecture, urban design, interior design.

The cultural value of making architecture, the sense and feeling of a place, its history? these are the aspirations that establish the design of the office.

The research of the essential characteristics of a site, interpreted and made contemporary to enhance and revive the history, identity and culture of a territory.

Especially preferring during the project phase the work on the section and the plan in their inseparable relation of being the foundation of architecture, act_romegialli tries to give shape and sense to the building, legitimizing the outward appearance.

An architectural character that tries to be sufficiently «resilient» to the fashions and balanced with the important, how often forcibly invasive requests of the contemporary sustainability and energy consumption.

Over the years act_romegialli has participated and won numerous architectural competitions and received

The study was invited to conduct educational and lectures at:

Politecnico di Milano IT Locations:

Milan Piacenza Lecco

Academy of Fine Arts Brera MI IT

Ecole d’architecture de Grenoble FR

Canberra University dept.

Landscape Architecture AUS

RMIT Melbourne AUS

Academy of Mendrisio CH

In 2009, organized by the Archivio Cesare Cattaneo of Como (Italy) an exhibition entitled «act_romegialli, the
sense of form” has been dedicated to the projects and achievements of the firm.